Located in historic downtown Ripon, Marigold Yoga invites you to a warm, welcoming studio for people of all levels, ages, shapes and physical conditions to experience yoga and other forms of mindful movement and stillness.

Marigold Yoga teacher and students in front of studio
It is not necessary to be strong or flexible to do yoga. It is not even necessary to sit on the floor. In yoga we start where we are. The complete beginner receives as much benefit from a yoga class as the most experienced student. All that is needed is some level of attention or focus on the part of the student. This is the body/mind connection. To truly practice yoga, your mind must be present with what your body is doing.

Yoga emphasizes individual development and is a self-paced activity. Everyone works at his or her own level within the same class. Yoga poses, or asana, can be adapted to meet the needs of all students. In the non-competitive environment of a yoga class, students are encouraged to value their own experience, to discover that the feeling of a pose is more important than what it looks like.

Yoga’s greatest gift is how it develops in us the ability to be more present in each moment, and more present for our lives.