Class Descriptions

Most of our classes are Vinyasa-style, where breath and yoga postures are synchronized in a moving meditation that anchors the mind in the present moment. Where indicated, levels of experience are suggested but not required.


Abs & Core

This class combines Pilates-based core conditioning with yoga and functional fitness moves to improve strength, postural alignment, spinal stability and balance. Challenging yet adaptable to most levels of fitness.

Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa

A dynamic, focused, flowing style of practice with consistency of postures and sequencing, building heat and facilitating deep release of muscles and mind. Ashtanga is the form from which Vinyasa flow evolved. Elements from the Primary and Intermediate Series will be explored. Fit beginners welcome.

Basics/Community Class

An easy class for cultivating and maintaining a strong foundation in yoga. Especially for beginners, but also for those who prefer a gentler class. The basics of alignment, yoga breathing and mindfulness are taught in basic versions of yoga poses. For this community class, use your pass, pay the drop-in rate, or pay whatever amount works for you in the freewill donation basket on the desk.

Candlelight Restorative/Yin Yoga

Restore body and mind in this stress-relieving and deep stretching class for all levels. Candlelight ambience brings ease to body, mind and spirit. Includes seated warm-up stretches, occasional sun salutations, and an array of restful poses designed to deeply relax and restore energy levels. Also includes Yin poses designed to open and stretch tight hips and low back. Usually meets the first Monday of each month, but check online for precise dates, and occasional changes.

Chair Yoga + Chi Gung

This easy class includes yoga practiced while sitting on or standing by a chair, as well as the mindful movement of Chi Gung. This class will help you to reduce stress; develop strength, better balance, improved breathing, poise and greater range of motion.

Gentle Yoga

With a gentle flowing sequence of postures linking breath and movement, this class helps reduce stress and develops strength and flexibility. This is a good class for beginners, and for seniors who can sit on the floor. The class can be adapted for those with physical limitations.


While Hatha Yoga is the umbrella term for all types of physical yoga, or asana, it has come to describe a yoga class with less or no emphasis on the sun salutation. Guided by the breath we will explore a wide and balanced array of poses, including seated, standing, and reclining poses as well as backbends and inversions. This class is great for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners who want to experience asana in a fresh way.


A vigorous class for all levels of yoga experience. Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of practice that combines movement and breath to create a focused, dynamic practice. Great for improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends and inversions are among the types of yoga poses included in this well-balanced class. We encourage students to progress at their own pace. Beginning variations will be taught to newcomers. Recommended at least moderate level of fitness.