Teacher Training

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Marigold Yoga’s 9-month 220-hour Teacher Training Program starts every September. Primarily an alignment-focused Vinyasa flow school, we also emphasize Ashtanga Yoga, from which our Vinyasa style developed, as well as Restorative and Yin Yoga. Approved by the Yoga Alliance and the State of Wisconsin, this training will provide participants the foundation to teach yoga with confidence, clarity and compassion.

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While the school’s program is designed for aspiring yoga teachers, it is also strongly recommended for individuals wanting to deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga. This is a nine month training meeting approximately one weekend per month: Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

Teacher trainingAs a graduate of this program, you will be able to teach effective, welcoming and safe yoga asana classes to most populations, including but not limited to children, un-fit beginners, fit beginners, seasoned practitioners, and seniors in chairs or wheelchairs. You will be able to draw from your knowledge base of traditional or innovative sequencing, as well as your capability to design creative sequences based on what you have learned about structure, alignment, form, the breath, the human energy system, anatomy, and adaptations according to the needs of your students. You will be able to teach simple meditation techniques, and basic pranayama techniques. You will have an underpinning of yoga philosophy. All this will give you the foundation to unfold into a lifetime of learning as a teacher and student.


I realized that Jenny’s teacher training program had prepared me more than most when I attended a five day intensive training in yoga therapy with a nationally known instructor. I was one of the least experienced yoga teachers in the class and yet as we worked through philosophy and anatomy I knew more than most! As we practiced asana, the instructor commented that I had been very well trained, a tribute to Jenny’s attention to detail and understanding of alignment.
—Jenni Borell, 2012 graduate

I feel that the yoga teacher training prepared me very well to be a yoga teacher. It has also give me the opportunity to think about myself and my body in a different way. I’ve never had a class in anatomy or any type of physiology, and this course taught me about how the body moves and how yoga affects the body. This has been good for my own practice as well as being a yoga teacher. I hope that my guidance in yoga can help others discover what they need for themselves.
—Ann Brumley, 2012 graduate

When I entered the teacher training course through Marigold Yoga, I did it primarily to learn more about myself and the practice of yoga, and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to teach yoga. The training changed my life in so many positive ways, that by the end of it, I had the confidence and desire to share my love of yoga with others through teaching. Jenny is such a caring, intuitive and nurturing person, and an amazing teacher. I would recommend this training course to anyone who has an interest in yoga.
—Mary Rechek, 2012 graduate

Participating in the teacher training with Jenny Tumas at Marigold Yoga was a life changing experience for me. This comprehensive program gives prospective teachers a well rounded education. The focus of the program is asana learned experientially, but philosophy, theory, anatomy, and even Sanskrit are also studied. Participating in this program gave me the tools to be a competent yoga teacher and has improved my personal habits.
—Nicole Dewar-Braun, 2014 graduate