Tai Chi

Originally developed for self-defense, this ancient Chinese art has evolved into a graceful form of exercise and cultivation of internal energy, or Chi. Tai Chi helps increase balance, poise, strength and flexibility, and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi is a series of gentle, flowing movements performed in a slow, focused manner. Each posture flows into the next without pause.

There are several styles of Tai Chi. What we offer here is Wu Style Tai Chi, which is taught via a workshop series of 10 or 12 week sessions. In addition to the form, students will also learn Chinese Medicine health tips, including acupressure points, and herbal and dietary suggestions based on the seasons.


Level 1 & 2: Wednesdays 5:30–6:45pm
Level 2 & 3: Wednesdays 7:00–8:15pm
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Vydunas Tumas has been studying Wu Style Tai Chi since 2003, and teaching since 2008. His teacher is Michael Fricke. Vydunas is also an ER physician, certified in Family Practice and Integrative Medicine, and acupuncturist.